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If you are looking for a hair transplant, you may hear information about the procedure from many sources and some of them will be myths. trapianto di capelli To avoid getting sucked into these myths and not getting the full story, here are 10 myths you might hear about hair transplants.

1. Hair transplants are expensive.

Hair transplants are not expensive considering the long-term benefits. Once you have received a hair transplant, it is permanent and you will benefit from hair regrowth for the rest of your life. It turns out that a hair transplant can be cheaper than taking years of medication to preserve and regrow hair.

2. It’s easy to tell if someone has had a transplant.

It may have been true that it was easy to tell if someone had used hair plugs in years past. Now, with the new techniques, it’s very difficult to tell if someone had one or not.

3. A hair transplant is not permanent.

A transplant is a permanent surgical procedure that will last the rest of your life. It is as permanent as the transplanted hair on the sides and back of the head.

4. It is better to get it done when your balding first starts.

In fact, research has shown that it’s better to wait until a pattern develops so doctors can better tell which hairs are more likely to be good candidates for transplantation.

5. A transplant is painful.

All surgical procedures are painful. Fortunately, recent advances in surgical technology have significantly reduced the pain associated with hair transplantation.

6. Anyone can do one.

Not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. First, you need an acceptable hair donor area that has enough hair area for transplantation. Second, you must have a healthy scalp.

7. A transplant is reversible.

A hair transplant is not reversible without many surgeries and why should you reverse it? Remove your great looking hair? You don’t have to worry about your hair disappearing. It’s here to stay.

8. Another person’s hair can be used for transplantation.

No, a hair transplant involves transplanting only healthy hair from part of your scalp to the balding area. The hair will continue to grow in its new home and you will have a healthy head of hair. Don’t worry about getting someone else’s scales.

9. Hair transplants can fall out.

Grafts do not fall out. Because it is a surgical procedure, the hair grafts are surgically placed to make them permanent.

10. Hair transplants are high maintenance

Transplants are no more  hair clinic turkey high maintenance than your normal hair. You will probably want to take better care of your hair than before, but that choice is up to you.

You are now armed with some information to help you make a good conscious hair transplant decision.

The research project focused

dr Mohebi did research on wound healing and hair growth at the Department of Surgical Sciences at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The research project focused on hair growth and growth factors and gene therapy to improve wound healing. He is passionate about creating the most natural hairlines, the potential for scarless surgery, and surgical scar revision techniques. dr Mohebi is the author of the Hair Hair Restoration Blog.

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