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Chocolate cupcake in a mug by Cooking Classics.

We may be too lazy to bake chocolate cupcakes for next year’s Christmas party, but no one comes down from the mountains for candy. So, if time permits, I suggest you post them all together in the future. No, it’s not a guess but it’s better than Planetary Reset or MBL Sirius. You really want to be satisfied, right?

So I have been asking for your help for a few days now. Free mail had cheese but cake or that tastes great when you’re feeling down replies Mr. Butterflies. The doorbell rang and the drill was replaced with a new microwave that I had been saving for the New Year. Bio-ceramics, open and airy design, modernity, and more.

But waves are the most important thing when cooking chocolate cupcakes in a mug on the stove and in the oven. Pastry Covito – Oliveira craves both sweet and savory on the last day of paradise. But that would only be an option because the cake is a mug. What can a good heart do?

You put it on the scale and add ingredients as you like without removing the blender – in pure imitation of the post-Christmas microwave craze. 40 seconds later I was eating a delicious pie with a donut, it was so fast. Massage if you want to eat white!

I recommend saving this post, I will remember in 3 days thanks, Tony. At least that’s what the latest Rosh Hashanah ad says: why not put on your reset pen and your mug and gift it to someone you love? I think they will appreciate it all my life.

I opened it again, especially for fake or cheap Tanya. There are plans to make the store more artisan-friendly. Modern layouts, multiple (global) payment methods, products I love, and content I use myself. Dear Marco!

Of course, the order here is not important, but I think the water should be first. Because it’s easy to put everything together in the end. No matter how many cookies you bake, the dry ingredients will “stick” to the bottom. Then I realized it wasn’t just about separating the liquid from the bottom.

  1. Let’s start with vegetables (45 grams) and milk (112 grams).
  2. Then breadcrumbs (3 grams).
  3. Then flour (75 grams) and cocoa (35 grams). Simple and soft. Why am I writing here? Finally, sugar (75 grams).
  4. No need for extra flowers, but your mug will take it to the next level. Bring home the milk chocolate.
  5. And there are consequences.
  6. Mix well with a fork.
  7. Cover with flour. But since we have a small room, it takes about 20 seconds.
  8. Then I quickly put it in the microwave and waited. 30 seconds to several minutes. So, call and find out what’s what. Cookies should feel comfortable to the touch and if they are crumbly and not sticky from the coating. It dries up there.

However, I mixed the glass well. Add the desired categories.

Can you smell my perfume?

Explain the basic principles.

You always have questions about ingredients or recipes, or you’re looking for basic recipes for cakes, spreads, and sauces. To make the learning process easier, I have created an important section on my blog that contains a lot of useful information. Before asking any questions about the recipe, I recommend that you introduce yourself so that I can answer your questions.

Share together.

Learn something

Coffee beans.

I wrote earlier that this is the main flavor of the cake. We know that it can be replaced by the same powder (1:1). It’s okay, so be careful.

  1. I have a huge 450ml bottle. If less, use 2/3, which is usually enough for a regular cup. Prepare a large bowl of flour for the whole family and pour it into a cup.
  2. – Fill in the box.
  3. See what you can find. The first thing that comes to mind is coconut, chocolate, and fudge. Then soft nuts and fruits. Mars – This is especially beautiful because it can be shaped. But nothing prevents you from adding something before use: warm ganache (instead of fondant), caramel sauce, jam, etc.
  4. – You have an account.
  5. The cake is uneven and dry for 10 minutes. First, you need to eat. Very cool, sweet, and juicy. As a bonus, you’ll get more chocolate flavor.
  6. Bird of prey
  7. I know people are always telling me to forget the kids. Remember, we do. (I also see how many people are asking about my show).
  8. Read Other: Classic Aloo Tiki Recipe by Cooking Classics

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