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An optimized Google My Business (GMB) is what gets your business shown on Google Maps and in the Local Pack. Google My Business offers a number of features that allow you to reach more potential customers and boost the effectiveness of your profile. We would love to put your business on top of Google search results. 

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Delivering your Google My Business advantage

It’s crucial to claim and manage your Google My Business listing if you want to be found in Local Search! We understand that this listing is the lifeline of any business. It needs to be protected and nurtured to ensure lasting rankings to produce a great ROI for your business.


When you’re a local business, you need to ensure customers from the neighborhood are able to find you easily. One of the best ways of doing this is with Google My Business (GMB). Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google for all types of business, that enables users to find and contact local businesses. Although there are many online local directories like Bing Map and Apple Map, GMB is the most popular, responsible for driving 80% of local targeted traffic to neighborhood businesses.

We have seen many businesses go out of business due to lack of leads and others revive in no time at all with the judicious use of Google My Business (Google Maps). If you are not leveraging GMB, start today. If you are already doing it, then this is a good time to step back and review the effectiveness of your strategy.

We are GMB Optimization Specialists who can help you review your GMB profile and advise you on whether it is being leveraged properly. For this, we will need restricted access to your GMB account.

We follow a rigorous four-step process while reviewing an account:

We learn more about your industry, understand your business potential in the targeted area, and then compare the incoming volume of leads to potential leads. We verify whether you have targeted all possible keywords and if yes, evaluate their performance.We see whether you have completed your GMB profile and if not, what is missing and devise the best strategies to complete them. We provide advice on leveraging Google Posts and other GMB features.

Trust Us! We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Google, and businesses like yours and mine both win by using it. Businesses that have an up-to-date, optimized profile, stand more chance of ranking on the maps you see on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), for searches relevant to their business.

Think of Google My Business as something similar to yellow pages of the past. Businesses were certain to have helpful and noticeable listings in the yellow pages because that is where people went to look for goods or services.

What do our Google My Business Optimization Services include?

An initial discussion to enable us to gain a better understanding of your business
Analysis of your GMB
Analysis of your competitors to help us to determine what level of effort will be needed to get top rankings and keep them.
Research and development of targeted keywords list.
This seemingly simple list may well be the most important part of your campaign, since if you do not target the correct keywords it is difficult to translate high rankings into customers.
Optimization of GMB.
Building Citations etc.
Monthly monitoring of results and adjustments.

google my business optimization services

Top Ranking in Google 3-Pack
Google My Optimization Techniques

While each major Search Engine has a different method of ranking and evaluating websites, the basic process for achieving top results is essentially the same. The major areas of Google My Business Optimization that our services focus on are:

Being ahead of your competitors is all about generating a powerful marketing strategy for your business. As a business owner, or an agency, having a lot of clients means re-assessing your marketing strategy and creating a brand new marketing plan that needs to be put into action right away.

With Google’s algorithm updates, trial and error are some of the key factors to be successful with many things. A bit of tweaking and adjusting is needed to successfully understand how algorithm update works.

Finding the best way to optimize your marketing strategy goes hand in hand with your business goals. Google My Business listing, can do a lot of adjusting to gain more traffic and an increase in sales for your business.

Being a business owner, you need to find ways for your customer to notice you on search results. 

Google My Business (GMB) listings are the ‘Business Snapshot’ that Google generates and displays alongside Google search results, when people keyword-search a business name.

GMB’s are one of Google’s main products that business owners very often overlook as being an opportunity for driving quality traffic to their businesses and websites organically (free of charge) and, because GMB’s are linked in to other popular search-related products such as Google Images and Google Maps, a professionally managed GMB can be a main driver in connecting people to your business and website.

Investing in our GMB Optimization Services helps build a fantastic profile for your business in the Google database, to maximize EVERY opportunity of Google sending free traffic and leads your way.

It’s plain and simple! You just need to create a Google My Business account and claim your business. After filling the information needed, you will get a proof that you are the owner of the business listed at the address given, just like a real postcard! The next process is verification of the listing you created for your business. Once verified, you add other details and can even verify how your business listing is doing.

Associated with claiming your business, ranking factors are needed to be considered, also. The factors below will help you rank your listing:

Your business should be relevant to the search objective of the customer. Another factor that plays a significant role in your business location. You cannot list your business in New York if you are in Chicago. Makes sense right? It will always help if your business is located in a specific area, where the customer is doing a search for something they may need.

Inaccurate or incomplete information on Google can have detrimental affects on your business. Our GMB optimization services includes continuous management of your Google listing, ensuring your business details are always up to date. This includes contact information, photos, products, services and more.

Links to your website from popular online directories can improve your search rankings and help you get found online. We include directory citations as part of our GMB optimization service because frankly, it’s good for businesses. We’ll continuously work to get your business information listed correctly on major review sites across the web.


Think of how much something simple like just one more customer a day would mean to your business. Many popular keywords are searched thousands of times a day, by customers ready to spend their money… what would it do to your business if all these people saw your listing at the top of the Google My Business rankings instead of your competitors?

Answers to Your Questions

Why is it important to claim your local business listings?

It’s very important to claim your local business listings such as Google My Business so that you get found on page 1 in the ‘Snack Pack‘. You will also have full control over your brand. It ensures the search engines find the correct information about your business and delivers targeted results to your prospects.

How much does it cost to optimize our Google My Business?

This is not an easy question to answer as each site has its own needs including the competitiveness of the market you target, the geographical region targeted and the architecture of your site.

While we understand that it would be nice to have a single price for every site this is not fair to us or to you. Our clients gain more from the increased business than the cost of good SEO.

We offer a monthly services package starting at $500 which allows us to work together to keep your listings ranking where it should be as competition grows and search engines change their algorithms. You can be assured you will get the best value for your money from our SEO services.

How do I get reviews on my local listings?

Reviews matter and will make a big difference that will result in higher rankings for your local listings if you have them. They provide third party information for the search engines and customers alike.

The best way to start to acquire reviews for your local listings is to simply ask for them from your current happy customers. Ask them for favorable reviews of your business towards the end of the buying experience or treatment plan. You can provide them with a link to your listings to make it easy for them to leave a comment or review.

When you send out emails place the listing link in your signature section and ask the recipient to write a review.

If you engage your customers with Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, you can provide links to your listing on your page or in your tweets and invite your fans to click the link and write a review.

Never create fake reviews. You’ll get rumbled and not only will it look bad for your business but it will erode the trust factor you should be building between yourself and your customers.

What makes a great local search listing?

There are three key components that will make your local search-listing stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Accuracy of data: Your business information across all your 3rd party review sites, directories and local search listings has to be accurate and consistent. Particular attention to detail should be applied to your business name, address, post/zip code (NAP’s) and website information.

A complete listing: Every field in your local listing should be fully completed. This includes videos, photos (named with your keywords), opening times and business description. By completing all sections of your listing not only provides more information for the search engines to deliver better results but gives the searcher more information about your business. Most businesses get this wrong because they do not understand the process of creating a targeted listing that matches the customers needs.

Keeping your listing up to date: Keep you coupons and ‘special offers’ seasonally fresh to convert searchers in to customers at a higher rate. Remember to update your opening times and manage and respond to any comments or questions. We would also encourage you to visit the page monthly so Google know’s you care.

What is the future of local search marketing?

We’ve seen a rapid shift from traditional marketing and adverting with TV, radio, newspapers and paper directory market shares all dramatically dropping over a very short period of time.

Now we know customers are online searching for products, services and local businesses so if your business isn’t being found online you can bet your competitor’s is.

Technology has moved at such a lightening pace that even the desktop PC is looking a little jaded as more and more people now use their Smartphones, iPad, Tablets and ‘Voice‘ to surf the net. This is great news if you are a local business and have a responsive, mobile-friendly website and your local search listings set up correctly.

This kind of targeted, local mobile marketing strategy has a high response rate and a high ROI. It is definitely the future of local search marketing, just you see!

The Web Mines Is A SEO Company That Delivers Real Results

Get in touch for an informal conversation about our affordable GMB Optimization services and see how we can better optimize your listings.


You need to stop shooting in the dark. You need proven GMB Optimization Services which is designed to increase your business’s online visibility, build their brand prominence and increase you listing relevance. So what are the signals that really matter? Clean-up. Citations. Back-Links. Google Reviews. Geo-Tags. We optimize the local ranking factors that matter. Local Maps is highly-prized Page 1 real estate and it’s about time you treat it as such.

Outsource your Google My Business (GMB) to The Web Mines. We guarantee to increase your business’s online visibility. Our strategic approach produces GMB and Local Maps results: We use a variety of means designed to increase a business’s local online presence by improving the brand’s relevance and prominence. No longer can you rely on citations alone, those days are gone. Instead, we create powerful signals that create trust and authority for your brand. 

What do you get? A complete map-pack audit, GMB info optimization, Google build, NAP & citations audit, 10 Geo-optimized photos, 4 GMB posts, custom map construction with driving directions, 50 top citations build, Google authority stack.

Using the Google My Business features is a smart decision. The market is not completely saturated, and there is room for small businesses to establish themselves and carve a niche.

If you do not have the time or personnel to devote to creating and maintaining your Google My Business account, consider employing The Web Mines who have years of experience and success behind them. Google is giving you a golden opportunity to increase traffic, create conversions, and build your brand. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

We Provide Premium SEO Services For The Below Niches

  • Roofing
  • Towing
  • Tree Service
  • Medical
  • HVAC
  • Multi-location Business
  • Landscaping
  • Limousine
  • Garage Door
  • Remodeling
  • Real Estate
  • Dentist
  • General Contractor
  • Doctors
  • Lawn Care
  • Lawyers
  • Consulting
  • Moving Company
  • Pest Control
  • Gutters
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Flooring
  • E-Commerce
  • Pool Service
  • Water Damage
  • Skin Care
  • Auto Repair
  • All Types of Retail Businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Battery Manufacturers

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  • Austin TX
  • Atlanta GA
  • Baltimore MD
  • Boston MA
  • Bridgeport CT
  • Charlotte NC
  • Chicago IL
  • Dallas & Fort Worth TX
  • Denver CO
  • Houston TX
  • Hartford CT
  • Jacksonville FL
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Nashville TN
  • Miami FL
  • New York City NY
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Phoenix AZ
  • Raleigh NC
  • San Antonio TX
  • San Diego CA
  • San Francisco CA
  • Seattle WA
  • Montreal QC
  • Toronto ON
  • Liverpool UK
  • London UK
  • Brisbane QLD
  • Melbourne VIC
  • Perth WA
  • Sydney NSW

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