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How single mothers can sponsor residency visas in UAE

Dubai remains the hub of investors, and many consider the emirate their second home. Government policies, especially immigration rules, are designed to accommodate the requirements of all sectors of society. For example, a single mother can sponsor her children’s residency visa in Dubai. However, they need to navigate certain conditions and requirements for which the services of PRO companies in Dubai will be helpful.

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Raising children as single mothers is a cumbersome task, and the government honored the efforts of these women by allowing them to legally bring their children to the United Arab Emirates. Knowing the rules for sponsoring children is important as the requirements vary for a divorced mother, a woman whose husband has passed away, a mother who cannot locate her husband, etc. PRO companies in Dubai will provide useful information on sponsorship requirements for the children of single mothers.

Requirements for a divorced mother 

If you are a divorced mother with custody of the child, you must submit a letter of no objection from the child’s father. The letter should be written freely with the father stating that he has no objection to you becoming the child’s sponsor in the United Arab Emirates. A letter can be made in the United Arab Emirates and notarized before a public notary if both parents are here.

If the father is outside the United Arab Emirates, the letter must be legalized by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in his country. He must file a court order stating that he is the sole guardian of a child if he has been appointed as the child’s sole guardian. PRO companies in Dubai can help you with the paperwork.

Single dad from the start 

If you are a single parent and a parent out of the picture, you will need to answer the immigration authority’s questions about the father of the child. The best way to deal with this situation is to have a birth certificate that does not mention the father’s name. This would allow the authorities to assume that you are the child’s sole guardian.

If the birth certificate mentions the father’s name, you must submit a letter of no objection from him. If you cannot produce such a letter, file a case with the court to be appointed as the sole custodian of your child. PRO companies in Dubai can advise you on the necessary steps.

Not divorced, but the father’s location is unknown

This is a complex situation, as proof of the father’s absence or a letter of no objection from the father is mandatory. In this case, you must obtain documentary evidence of his father’s disappearance in court, as the UAE government will only accept official court documents. Once you gather all the guardianship documents, follow the standard visa procedure. Also, please note that you may be required to provide additional documents demonstrating your financial well-being and educational qualifications. PRO firms in Dubai can give you the right advice in situations like these.

Main requirements for visa sponsorship 

  • The mother must have a valid work visa with a minimum salary of AED 3,500 + company formation consultants in uae accommodation or AED 4,000.
  • The birth the child’s birth certificate is certified by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the country of origin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the United Arab Emirates.
  • Letter of no objection NOC in Arabic from the husband to sponsor the child on the mother’s side
  • Lease certified through the Ejari online system
  • Bank statement of the last three months if the mother’s profession is not a Nurse, Doctor, Engineer, or Teacher
  • The mother can sponsor her unmarried daughters and sons under 18, excluding college or university students, as long as a certificate proves it.
  • AED 2500 security deposit for each child

How can Jitendra Business Consultants help? 

Single mothers who own businesses can sponsor their children’s green cards subject to certain conditions. Knowing all the rules and navigating them with absolute perfection is unrealistic. You need to have an expert by your side who has a good understanding of immigration law and visa processing requirements. The best PRO Firms in Dubai, like Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), is the right partner to have by your side.

Because we have a team of PRO professionals, who are well-versed in UAE immigration laws and visa procedures, we also have immense experience in dealing with immigration authorities and government officials. Using our PRO services in Dubai, your visa will be approved.

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