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How To Drive Safe In Indian Foggy Winters

Safety is the priority while driving on the road. Winters are a great time to head on to picnics and family trips with your loved ones in your favourite car. But the main drawback is the winter fog that tends to make the windshield of your vehicle and the windows go hazy, resulting in difficulty driving smoothly. Here are some tips that will allow you to drive safe in Indian foggy winters.

But before heading on to the essential tips, it is important to mention that you must keep all the car accessories ready and checked before you set out for a long journey. Many budget-friendly and valuable products are available in the market, such as good quality windshield wipers, anti-fog spray for cars, and fog lights that help you ensure the utmost safety on the road during winters.

Suppose your car already comes with all the various accessories useful for driving smoothly amidst the fog. In that case, you need to inspect that they are in good condition and would offer the best service throughout the winter. Compromising the product’s quality might lead to road safety issues, as driving in the fog during winter is challenging. You can purchase various quality accessories for car at Carorbis to ensure value for money.

Valuable Tips to Drive Safe in Indian Foggy Winters:

Essential meetings or work are only sometimes possible to postpone, and foggy weather in winter is a common and unpredictable scenario. Therefore, the best idea would be to follow some safety measures, drive safely, and confidently hit the road. Below are some tips that will assist you in your car journey amidst the fog in winter.

Avoid Over Speeding:

Foggy weather will offer you limited visibility of your surroundings; therefore, taking things slow would be safe. Driving at a lower speed will give you the time to react to any mishaps and will offer you the scope to prevent them. 

Therefore you need to be highly patient while driving in the fog. Never try to overtake a vehicle. This might lead to unnecessary accidents and eventually impose a threat on your life and your vehicle.

Follow Your Lane and Stick To It:

Switching lanes during fog is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your fellow drivers. As the visibility is low during foggy winter days, it becomes challenging for someone to trace the switching of lanes. This means that the driver of the other might move in the wrong lane, which might lead to a collision. Following a particular lane would ensure the utmost safety while driving.

Make Sure That Your Lights, Windshield, and Windows Are Clean:

This should be your routine before driving your car in the fog. Ensure that the fog, parking, windshield, windows, and brake lights are clean. This will offer you better visibility and help you keep your eyes on the actions of your fellow drivers. 

A clean Windshield and window will not stress out your eyes during driving in fog, and you will secure a better range of vision.

Set The Headlights On Low Beam:

Setting the headlights on a higher beam will make the fog reflect the light, obstructing visibility on the road; therefore, if you see that the weather is foggy, immediately set your headlights on a low beam that will offer better clarity of the road ahead. An intense beam headlight will also help the driver to inspect any speed breaker ahead.

Install Fog Lights And Use Them While Driving In Fog:

Fog lights offer an adjunct to the low-beam lights of your vehicle. These lights illuminate the ground where the top of the beam is stripped off to prevent the light from being reflected by fog and obstructing visibility. 

These lamps are designed to shine down and closer to the roads where the fog hovers most. In addition, fog lights are primarily yellow in colour, making them fit for the best vision while driving in foggy weather. 

Keep All Your Senses Alert:

If you find it difficult to see your surroundings due to heavy fog, you can always listen closely and pick up the sounds indicated by your fellow driver. Avoid listening to music at high volume as it will restrict you from listening to other sounds surrounding you. Turning off your speakers and investing your full attention in driving safely is best.

Final Thoughts:

After going through all the above tips to drive safe in Indian foggy winters, it’s time to get your hands on some essential accessories that will safeguard your driving. But first, consider purchasing the best quality products at Carorbis. 

The online platform offers a home to some of the top brands that manufacture vehicle accessories and provides them to customers at pocket-friendly rates. So the customers get both cost-effectivity and quality by investing their money. Moreover, the customers are also subject to additional benefits like free shipping, hassle-free return policies, and doorstep delivery while shopping at Carorbis.

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