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How To Prevent Phone Overheating – Tips By Columbia’s Mobile Repair Shops

Most of the time, your smartphone gets warm for a benign reason, like when you’re playing something that strains the processor or when it’s plugged into a high-speed charger. In other instances, improper software behavior or even a particular chip design can cause overheating. The point is that phones frequently become hot, and they typically do an excellent job of adjusting to them. Your phone can start to struggle to release the excess heat on hot summer days or if there is a heat wave.  Once that occurs, it’s possible that you won’t be able to use your smartphone at all until it cools, which is bad for everybody. Here are several tips by a professional mobile repair shop in Columbia to keep your smartphone cool and operational when the weather is too hot. Let’s dive right in!

Tips By Mobile Repair Shops on How to Avoid Overheating

Before discussing the ways to cool your mobile, let’s go through some reasons why it got hot in the first place.

What Causes Overheating?

Your phone can easily absorb heat outdoors, like when taking pictures in the sun. Additionally, if the weather is particularly sunny, your smartphone may attempt to increase the screen’s brightness to make it easier to see. Sure, it might be useful, but it also implies your smartphone is using more energy, which increases the risk that it will shut down to defend itself.

An excellent example is to refrain from using your smartphone’s camera, especially when recording videos. (People don’t often consider the fact that recording video concurrently uses multiple components of a cell phone.)

Another common method to easily heat up a smartphone is to use it as a mobile hotspot. Similarly, graphically demanding games can put a lot of strain on your device’s processors; minimizing this stress will keep your phone cool for a long time.

Don’t Push it

Ideally, this means avoiding using your smartphone, but we understand that’s much more difficult than it seems. Limiting what you do on your smartphone is the second best thing if you find it difficult to break the habit or if there is a reasonable cause to be on it.

Remove the Case

The ability of smartphones to adequately disperse the heat that accumulates inside them may be restricted in some instances. If you often keep your smartphone enclosed in a case, think about taking it off and putting it in a purse or pocket that isn’t close to your body.

You can restrict what your smartphone does on its own in addition to what you do on it. Its reduced or power-saving mode is useful in this situation.

iPhone’s low power mode, among other things, deactivates 5G (if available), speeds up device locking, reduces screen brightness, and turns off some unnecessary apps running in the background. These adjustments are reportedly made to extend the life of your battery, but because they avoid attempting to do numerous tasks at once, they may also prevent overheating.

A similar function is available on Android smartphones, which may go by the names Power Saver or Battery Saving Mode, according to the manufacturer of your device. Although phone manufacturers like Samsung typically provide more options, such as capping your phone’s CPU speed at 70%, you may still utilize this tool similarly.

Nothing works? Turn it OFF

The only foolproof solution to prevent your smartphone from overheating and working too hard is to switch it off and store it in the coolest location you can find. But not your fridge! Never store your phone in your refrigerator; it can do more harm. If you leave your smartphone alone, it will cool off quickly and resume working in a matter of minutes.

Take Your Cell Phone to a Mobile Repair Shop in Columbia, SC

Did you try everything, but your cell phone did not cool down? If so, there may be a severe hardware issue that needs to be examined and repaired by a professional from a reputable mobile repair shop.  Do you live in Columbia, SC? Then, luckily you are surrounded by numerous trustworthy mobile repair shops like Midland PCS. Take your damaged phone to their experts, and it will be fixed in a flash!


Should I replace the cell phone screen myself?

Although a DIY repair kit is available in the market, changing the panel requires using specialist equipment that the typical homeowner is unlikely to have. What if the replacement is not performed properly? If that happens, your cell phone can be severely damaged, and you may need to buy a new one.

Can the repair technician access and steal my data?

Remember that repair experts do not need to access your information. Moreover, if you have taken all the required security measures, like performing a factory reset, there is no need to worry! The repair technician will ask your permission to unlock your cell phone to check its performance after repairs.

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