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Delivering your Ranking advantage

Improving your Search Engine Rankings for profitable keywords directly increases your businesses cash flow. At The Web Mines, we utilize up to date, ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques to obtain a Top Search Engine Ranking for your website.


Link Building is a marketing strategy that can help you reach your target audiences. It improves your search rankings and expands your web presence. Picture your website like a resume for your business — links from other sites are like references. The better your references, the more trust search engines will have for your site, and the higher it will rank in organic search.

The #1 ranking factor in organic search is the number of unique referring domains in a backlink profile. Effective link building campaigns improve your ranking signals, improve search rankings, and increase organic traffic. Our advanced link building strategies come from a decade of experience in online marketing and successful link acquisition for 100’s of agencies and brands.

Backlinks to your website are the most important factor for increasing your search engine rankings. Unless your backlink profile is strong in the eyes of Google, you might be hurting your chances of appearing in search results. We provide high quality, future proof link attraction and link building services to help improve your search visibility.

We realize that holding a high standard is the bare minimum. Because of this, we put a lot of time into the research phase of each campaign to ensure we are delivering the highest quality links we can for your business.

But we’re not talking about just any links from any site. To stand any chance of getting top rankings, you need to build domain authority through relevant, high quality and natural mentions from reputable websites. That’s exactly what The Web Mines specializes in. Our focus is building links that are relevant to your audience, so not only do you get a ranking boost – you also attract traffic from potential customers.

Earning quality links is incredibly time-consuming. It means creating and sharing high-impact content that attracts genuine interest from relevant sites so that they WANT to link to you. It requires a long-term strategy and relentless dedication. Does that sound like something done by automated bots? No way! Our proactive link building services are handled by humans and not any automated software.


Trust Us! We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Make no mistake; building and attracting quality links is the hardest and most time consuming aspect of search engine optimization. High Authority links take research, planning, strategic thinking and persistence but the rewards for your rankings are massive. 

Link building is about identifying relevant and immediate link opportunities, then executing with outreach and follow up. Our approach to link building is driven by quality content production and promotion along with analysis of the best performing competitors in your industry.

What do our services include?

An initial discussion to enable us to gain a better understanding of your business
Analysis of your server set up and your site architecture
Analysis of your competitors to help us to determine what level of effort will be needed to get top rankings and keep them.
Research and development of targeted keywords list.
This seemingly simple list may well be the most important part of your campaign, since if you do not target the correct keywords it is difficult to translate high rankings into customers.
Optimization of Web pages.
Submissions to Search Engines and Directories.
Monthly monitoring of results and adjustments.

search engine optimization services

Top Search Engine Ranking
High Authority Link Building Techniques

While each major Search Engine has a different method of ranking and evaluating websites, the basic process for achieving top results is essentially the same. The major areas of Search Engine Optimization that our services focus on are:


Targeting Researched Keywords and Keyword Phrases: It is extremely important to know both what keywords your customers are likely to use when looking for your website, and which keywords will convert to sales.

We utilize several free and paid services to determine which keywords are profitable to target and check the competitiveness of each term to give a realistic expectation of the traffic potential and time-frame for achieving a high ranking.

Search Engine Optimization of On-Page Factors: One of the hardest parts of Search Engine Optimization is not only to present an optimized page to the search engine, but also show the user a clear and concise page that flows naturally and closes the sale.

Optimization of areas such as Page titles, META tags, Alt tag information and general page text is done both for Search Engines and users. While some of the keywords being targeted may be repeated a little more than your English teacher taught you to, the trade off between search engine optimization text, and user friendly text is firmly prioritized with the user experience in mind.

Website Linkage Structure and Design: Many people make critical mistakes when setting up their websites, unintentionally making things difficult for a search engine to index properly.

We will examine your site for linkage and design problems and suggest modifications if we feel any are needed.

Search Engine Optimization of Off-Page Factors: Search Engine Optimization is not limited to only on-page content. Both the number of links to your page, and the way in which they are linked is an important factor in determining your final search engine ranking for targeted keywords.

Maintaining a linking strategy with other sites is crucial to your Search Engine Optimization success, especially if targeting competitive keywords.

No matter what size your business is, or how competitive the market you are in, we have a Search Engine optimization package that is sure to suit your needs.

Think of how much something simple like just one more customer a day would mean to your business. Many popular keywords are searched thousands of times a day, by customers ready to spend their money… what would it do to your business if all these people saw your website at the top of the search engine rankings instead of one of your competitors?

Answers to Your Questions

Why should you choose our Expert Search Engine Optimization Services?

For your site to get the best exposure to the millions of web customers, it must be highly ranked with major search engines. A high ranking on a popular search terms can have thousands of people searching daily for that product or service find your site. This is what search engine optimization is all about – giving your site optimum exposure on major search engines and directories.

Our practice of search engine optimization, which includes superior submissions and reporting services, is structured as a collaboration between you as business persons and us as website promotion experts in order to maximize your internet marketing efforts at a minimum cost. You know your own business better than anyone else and we are experts in assuring that your site will be highly ranked by search engines and directories.

Our search engine optimization philosophy is one which has stood the test of time. Simply put, it is to accurately target appropriate keywords, develop good page content, and use manual submission methods. There are of course many expert techniques involved and we use our experience to your best advantage, but this simple but effective approach has been proven time and time again to produce excellent results which will withstand the test of time and changes in Search Engine Algorithms.

What is the type of SEO service we provide?

The Web Mines, a leading SEO company, is an excellent place to start. We do not deal in any black hat techniques. All our packages are white hat and work fully within the Google guidelines. We base our strategies around SEO that is designed to be of use to the people searching for your product or service.

This ensures that not only do you benefit from higher levels of traffic, but that this traffic is relevant. You will receive website views from people who are genuinely interested in your product or service, meaning that your conversion rates will increase and so will your profit levels too. This involves producing quality content that can help consumers whilst ensuring it is optimised to help Google correctly categorise it. We will optimize your content which will appeal to your target audience and show your business as an expert in the field.

What do our services include?

Our services include the following:

  • An initial discussion to enable us to gain a better understanding of your business
  • Analysis of your server set up and your site architecture
  • Analysis of your competitors to help us to determine what level of effort will be needed to get top rankings and keep them.
  • Research and development of targeted keywords list. This seemingly simple list may well be the most important part of your campaign, since if you do not target the correct keywords it is difficult to translate high rankings into customers.
  • Optimization of Web pages.
  • Submissions to Search Engines and Directories.
  • Monthly monitoring of results and adjustments.


How much does it cost?

This is not an easy question to answer as each site has its own needs including the competitiveness of the market you target, the geographical region targeted and the architecture of your site.

While we understand that it would be nice to have a single price for every site this is not fair to us or to you. We have prepared a brief article on the fundamentals of SEO which we invite you to read. Our clients gain more from the increased business than the cost of good SEO.

If you are in a very competitive business or/or are targeting very competitive keywords we will advise you what needs to be done and how much it will cost, you to achieve the results you want.

We also offer a monthly services package starting at $500 per month which allows us to work together to keep your site ranking where it should be as competition grows and search engines change their algorithms.

You can be assured you will get the best value for your money from our SEO services.

The Web Mines Is A SEO Company That Delivers Real Results

Get in touch for an informal conversation about our affordable SEO services and see how we can better optimize your website.


There are many aspects of optimizing your site for high rankings. If you have a small site or only need rankings on less than ten search terms, then our fixed price option may work for you.

If you have a large site and/or want to rank well on many competitive search terms, then a monthly program will insure that your site is continually tweaked to ensure the best rankings. Since search engines may take some time to rank your site based on your new pages, we do not offer monthly contracts of less than three months.

It should be noted that new sites which need to rank well on competitive terms in Google are currently being subjected to a delay often referred to as the “Sandbox”. There are strategies for avoiding the sandbox, but these still take time for new sites.

You may want to consider as a part of your SEO strategy including a managed Google AdWords campaign to get your pages before potential customers while waiting for your site pages to rank in Google searches.

Professional management of AdWords campaigns not only ensure that your pages are displayed where you want them to be but can save you money by formulating the campaign to ensure the best results at the lowest cost.

We’ll give straightforward, actionable advice on how to improve your site’s usability and performance. Perhaps your website is not as far ahead in the SERPs as you would like? Maybe you’re getting the wrong kind of visitors? We’ll audit your site, give you a full SEO report, and then an action plan to improve SEO yourself or with our help. 

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Our SEO services consultancy offers full support for your website to get on the first page of Google’s organic rankings (SERPs). Unless you have both the on-page and off-page elements of SEO configured properly, you’ll struggle to be found. Google uses over 200 factors to ‘rank’ your website. While this can seem impenetrable, our services for SEO helps you break it down.


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