Parents usually have problems with limited living space when designing their children’s room. Bunk beds and loft beds have long been a popular solution to this dilemma. A bed is a type of bed that has a bed frame stacked on top of each other, while a loft bed is a bunk bed that Balkenbett only has the top bunk, creating an open space underneath that can be occupied by a dresser, drawers, or even a workspace.

However, this space-saving concept has certain gimmicks that unfortunately leave children vulnerable to injury. Parents who take their children to the doctor because of a fall from the bunk bed or loft bed are not an uncommon sight. Here are the necessary safety precautions to keep in mind when using beds, especially cribs:

crash barriers

Any bunk bed like metal loft bed or wooden loft bed that you buy should have guard rails on both sides. The railing should be at least five inches high above the mattress. This will prevent the bed user from rolling out of bed and possibly injuring themselves.

Again, the height of the guardrail should not exceed three inches to cause discomfort when climbing the bunk and tripping off the frame. As a safety precaution, wooden planks can be hammered into the space between the mattress and the railing.


A perfectly sized mattress should be used. Sometimes old small mattresses are used to fit the beds. Limbs can become trapped in the frame. Make sure the mattress pad is properly hung over the lower bunk or room. If that has a wooden platform, reinforce the mattress with a metal band.

Some other important precautions to follow are:

  • • Ceiling fans should not be installed in rooms where bunk beds or loft beds are used.
  • •If ceiling fans are still required, ensure they are a considerable safe distance from the bunks.
  • •Also check the pillars or poles that support the frame from time to time.
  • •If the rods are unbalanced due to wear, the bunk will become wobbly. In such cases, provide the necessary padding at the base of the poles.
  • •A significant proportion of accidents occur due to ladders. Make sure the ladder is properly installed and secured to the bunk.
  • •The bunk bed should conform to ASTM standards for bunk beds.

Similar precautions should also be observed when using futon bunk beds. Always check the material of the bed frame and whether it meets the standard guidelines before buying a metal bunk bed or a wooden loft bed.

Metal platform beds – the contemporary alternative

Metal platform beds are quickly becoming a nice alternative for people who want the function of a bed with a platform base for their mattress, but one that gives a more modern, contemporary industrial look. In this article we take a look at the construction of metal beds and how they can also give you the same look and function as their wooden bed counterparts.

Wooden platform beds have almost become the norm in platform bed circles, and these vary greatly in the type of wood used, hardware, design, and finish offerings. From imported woods like rubberwood to native ones like oak and maple, you’ll find a wide variety in these beds. Wooden platform beds can blend in well with many home decors, but sometimes wooden furniture isn’t always the best solution for spaces that need more. Many designers are beginning to realize that metal platform beds can solve many of the design problems inherent in natural wood products, which typically involve different wood patterns and color variations, which can make it difficult to compare them to other wood furniture.

Metal platform beds

Metal platform beds are mostly made of steel. One such company called Amisco specifically uses North American cold-rolled steel in its products. For steel, a powder coating can be evenly applied to the top of the steel, giving the finish a solid color without the variability Balkenbett you would find in real wood products. Although very beautiful, the variations in color and texture in wood products can make it difficult to design with other types of furniture. Because metal surfaces are more uniform in color and can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, it is easier to introduce other pieces that can be combined or complemented with existing or new furniture.

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