Black Friday Rules

Black Friday Rules


Black Friday was once a one-day shopping day for many retailers. But, with Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and other events, it has become a weekend-long shopping event.

It’s easy to get caught up in the shopping mania. You will make impulse buys and fall for every retailer’s trap to get your money in their stores. You’ll be tempted to spend a lot of money in their stores, but they’ll do everything possible to make you feel comfortable.

Black Friday ads are out right now, so you might find an amazing deal or three and begin obsessing about how your new HDTV will look in the spare bedroom. Retailers use retail psychology to get customers to buy more.

Do not be drawn in by the bright colors and low prices in the advertisements. These rules will help you be a smarter shopper during this year’s largest shopping event.

Comparison shop

If you want to do one thing, comparison shopping is it. Compare the offer to see if it is really a great deal. You should not wait to find a better deal at a different time of year if there aren’t any savings or hoopla. There are amazing deals all year. You can also compare the offers from different retailers to see if they offer a complimentary gift card. Comparing shopping will ensure you get more value for your money.

Make a plan

If you don’t have a plan before you go, you are setting yourself up to fail. Remember that if you’re hungry for a particular deal, there will be hundreds, if certainly thousands of people in your local area who are just as hungry. Take a look at the ads and make a list. Write down prices and be kind.

Shop online

Who wants to fight for items or stand in long checkout lines? Most likely not. You don’t have. There are some products that can only be purchased in-store, but many of the deals are available online. Shopping in your pajamas at home is the best way to shop.

Have a meal prepared ahead of time

Thanksgiving is almost here. While most stores and sites will be open at 6 pm for Black Friday sales, you can still enjoy a delicious dinner with your family. You’ll also need extra energy to help you get through the shopping.

Use a fanny bag

Have a light cross-body purse or fannypack. Keep money close to you and not out in the open. Thieves will always be looking for any purses that have money.

Don’t buy items you don’t need

You might be tempted to purchase the $5 Crockpot. But do you, or your loved ones, really need it? You likely already own 2 from your previous Black Friday shopping trips. These items are strategically placed so that you can grab them and run, but please ignore them and move on.

Do not fall for the “freebie” trap

Some retailers will give you something for free if your visit is between certain hours. This could be a trap that will lead to a rude awakening. You’re likely to fall for another trap with the long lines and inability to get a free item. Black Friday is a day when nothing is free!

Don’t shop alone

While you may believe that shopping solo will save time, it is better to have a group of friends or family members who can help you strategize. You won’t run around like a crazy person in the store if each person has to get a particular item.

More than electronics

Say what? You’ll save the most money, I know. It’s also the most affordable. You are one of the few who can get the deal online and in-store. Focusing on smaller items or products that people don’t need first will help you to score some amazing deals.

Be the first to arrive

Stores are a bit more complicated than online. Stores are often the busiest once they open. You’ll have a more pleasant and efficient shopping experience if you avoid going during the opening hours.

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