What is the Difference between Visa Refusal and Rejection

These two terms are often used interchangeably. Although the verdict of both these terms is the same i.e. Visa Denial. But there is a difference between both these terms, the visa is refused when the applicant is not able to adhere to the eligibility criteria whereas visa rejection is failing in presenting the important document related to the visa application. To give you more clarity about both these terms, let’s check out the meaning of both these terms in detail.

Visa Refusal 

As mentioned above visa rejection is due to non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria. For example – Failing in presenting an eligible amount of funds in a bank account.

Reasons for Visa Refusal 

1. English Proficiency –

A visa applicant should meet English proficiency criteria to get the visa approved. Failing in meeting the IELTS/PTE or TOEFL standards leads to visa refusal from the immigration authorities.

2. Visa Agents fraud –

The immigration industry is one of the largest industry in the world. Visa consultants earn a good amount of money by sending eligible candidates abroad. By seeing the rising demand for visa applicants, many fraudsters land their foot in Immigration Industry to earn a high amount of money by cheating innocents. These fraud agents guarantee visa approval without considering their eligibility criteria. Resultant innocent applicants lose their money. Immigration agents are not satisfied with visa applications filled with the help of fake results in visa refusal.

3. Presenting fake documents –

Sometimes people use phishing activities to get their visa approved by presenting fake documents. You will be prohibited for a lifetime if you are caught presenting fake documents for the sake of visa approval. Before giving visa approval, Immigration authorities perform a proper investigation of your documents to make sure that the documents are genuine and should be free from any fraud.

Visa Rejection

Visa rejection can be appealed if found the guild. Visa rejection is just failing in presenting appropriate documents related to the visa application. You will get reasons for visa refusal in Australia from the immigration authority. You just need to re-apply the visa application by presenting the missing documents.

Reasons for visa rejection 

Passport – 

A passport is the most important part of the visa application process, You need a present valid passport before the visa official gets your visa stamped. Your visa gets rejected if you present a passport without any blank pages or if the passport has expired.

Got Delayed in Accelerating Visa Application Process –

Immigration authorities take time to investigate the visa application process. For example – Your applied visa demands 30 days of processing time but you have submitted the visa application before 15 days. In this case, visa authorities do not get time to investigate resulting in your visa getting rejected immediately.

Criminal Record

Your past criminal record may become the reason for your visa rejection. What to do, if my visa got refused or rejected? Visa refusal or visa rejection is no more like a nightmare. Take assistance from Immigration Lawyers Perth to get your visa approved. You can appeal for visa rejection with the help of lawyers.

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