Is Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers Enough for CAT Preparation Online?

Is Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers Enough for CAT Preparation Online?


Candidates who are planning to appear for the CAT in the upcoming sessions must solve the previous years’ question papers and start preparation online without any delay. These two are the most important things to boost their confidence levels as well as preparation levels. In this article, BYJU’S experts have shared the top 5 important facts that you should follow for the CAT preparation online.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most competitive exams in India, as joining a top management institute to study MBA is a dream of many aspirants. So, one of the easiest methods to make yourself familiar with the exam pattern is to solve the CAT Previous Year Question Papers as many times as possible. It will help you get acquainted with the latest exam structure, topics covered, weightage and difficulty level.

Candidates can start preparation online or offline at their convenience. But, our experts advise you to start preparing for the CAT using the online method, as you can study for the exam from your comfort zone without any time constraints.

CAT Previous Years’ Question Papers Always Boost Confidence Level

Answering the previous years’ exam papers and chapter-wise exercises is the best way to evaluate the entire study process. Therefore, students must solve and practise these papers to the maximum. By practising past year exam papers and comprehending their benefits, they can shrewdly organise their online preparation techniques. 

For students preparing for the Common Entrance Test, having access to a proper set of the previous years’ question papers is nothing less than a treasure trove.

Top 5 Benefits of Solving Previous Year’s Questions for CAT Online Preparation

Always assess your preparation level and then continue with your preparation. Evaluating your position in preparation will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and study accordingly.

Understand the Challenges

Practising the previous years’ questions helps in comprehending the challenges in the exam. A theoretical study is not enough if you do not have practical knowledge. So, by solving the sample questions, you will get familiar with the actual format and the type of questions that you will have to face on the exam date.

Best Revision Strategy for the Exam

The CAT previous years’ question papers are crucial, which help candidates to do necessary revisions for all three exam sections and topics. Basically, it gives access to the best revision method for the entire syllabus and provides the aspirants with a real-life exam experience. 

Gives Insight into Questions Format

The basic format of the questions in the previous years’ exam papers must be observed by students. They can easily assess the possibility of getting a question repeated by identifying the questions that are frequently asked. There is no certain way to predict whether a question will be asked in the same manner as the one before it.

Helps to Plan for the Exam

Planning effectively enables aspirants to accomplish their objectives successfully. It consequently promotes their success in the exam. The previous years’ question papers will help candidates to make plans for all three exam sections: VARC, DILR and QA, because they have the same time constraints, question structures, and question categories. 

Enhance Confidence Level

Confidence is the key to achieving success in the final exam. Additionally, if the candidates start CAT Preparation Online and solve the previous years’ questions, they can effectively enhance their time management and problem-solving skills, which are importantly needed on the exam date.

So, these are a few significant things about solving the previous years’ question papers, along with starting preparation online. Candidates can use last years’ question paper as the best preparation tool to understand the latest changes in the exam pattern. Moreover, working hard is necessary to ace the CAT exam with a good rank.

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