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Uttarakhand is a country situated in the northern part of India and it has many glacial fed rivers. These rivers are the satisfactory vicinity for folks who want to do journey because it gives correct rafting stretches together with a calm and clean crusing run for expert rafters. Uttarakhand has many places alongside which you could enjoy this exhilarating recreation.

River Rafting at Rishikesh/River rafting on the Ganges:

River rafting at Rishikesh or also referred to as white water rafting on holy river. It’s far one of the most cherished rafting destination for rafting fanatics now not only in India but it has been loved global additionally. The rafting stretch starts offevolved from Devprayag to Rishikesh is sixty five Kms. The cruising could be very mild by means of facing only a few rapids of grade four & 5. 

We all recognise that for the ultimate one decade, Rishikesh has been controlled to provide all level of rafters – first-timers, beginners & professional. It is not simplest an area for rafting but it has also boosts appropriate tenting web sites, along river Ganges. In the main Rishikesh rafting packages include many different reports also like camping, Bonfire with music, hiking, river/nature walks, Bungee leaping and lots of more. 

You could also attempt Kheerganga, which has exquisite climate, in season time.

The stretch from Kaudilya to Rishikesh is of about 34 Kms for rafting whilst the next spot is Marine drive that lies at a distance of 24 Kms after which comes Shivpuri with an amazing stretch of sixteen km from Rishikesh and at remaining the Brahmpuri which is at 10 Kms from Rishikesh.

Alaknanda River expedition:

In case you love adrenaline rush than this area is made for you. It is a soaked white water rafting stretch of overall 140 Kms. The whole rafting ride can be completed in six to seven days. The journey begins from Chamoli and ends up at Devprayag. But most effective the specialists can entire the entire day trip, even though the beginners can take 1 or 2 days of grade 2 & three that is from Chamoli – Kaldubagarh & Maletha to Srinagar. The River usually has the clean grades rafting alongside easy surfaces but it also has a few annoying fast of grade three & four on some spots. The Alaknanda river expedition bundle offers an in depth agenda of day-clever rafting.

White water river Rafting at the tons River:

Rafting on the lots of rivers is a should for any paddlers listing. As the complete stretch is full of the jaw-losing backdrop, rustic local villages. The scenic perspectives are have wooded alpine woodland, suitable canyons and a few very excellent campsites. Most paddlers locate a laugh with thrilling river rafting possibility in this sacred river. A touch much less experienced paddler can attempt their slight stretch of 25 Kms between Mori to Tuni. However afterwards, the river may additionally turns a little outrageous because the river Pabbar unites with river heaps and it gives the stretch of almost forty Kms until Icchari with rapid of sophistication 4 & elegance 5. 

Kali/Mahakali River Rafting:

Then comes the most difficult one this is the Mahalali River rafting. It’s miles a serious commercial enterprise & calls for lot of dedication from the individual. This river isn’t always like the different rivers, potent Kali river covers its length along the terai hills, densed forested vicinity and only a few picks of campsite or beachside. The path of overall 200 Kms, Kali river gives rapids of grade three, 4 stages however it has also the calm stretch like Jhulaghat/Jhoolaghat to Pancheshwar that is superb for first-timers. Pancheshwar is likewise a totally thrilling spot for Angling, in particular for Mahaseer fishing. The entire distance from Jauljibi to boom (Tanakpur) is done in 6 or 7 days.

Nainital River Rafting :

The river which is one of the hill station of Uttarakhand, has a number of the pleasant journey alternatives for all and sundry. Nainital is the one of the most underrated river for river rafting in Uttarakhand. This river has been explored through many thrill seekers just no longer best for its splendor however for also the high speed drift of river Ganga. This river rafting spot is located near the Jim Corbett country wide Park. 

So atlast here are a few suggestions For River Rafting in Uttarakhand.

Safety have to always be a primary problem while doing river rafting now not handiest in Uttarakhand however be it at anywhere else. Rafting is a bodily game, and it’s far very critical to be at the high of your fitness.

Some necessary info earlier than going to river rafting are :-

By no means put off your existence jacket.

Take cozy clothes and sports activities footwear with you, it’s a ought to.

Constantly provide complete interest for your manual.

Usually preserve your arms on the T-grip.

And most significantly always maintain yourself hydrated.

save Rafting!

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