Mullayanagiri Trek: No longer For The Faint-Hearted



Mullayangiri Trek maximum peak in Karnataka that’s an Indian kingdom placed at the southern component.

With a height of about 1,930 meters that is about 6000ft has become the fourth highest top lying among Nilgiri hills and the Himalayas next to Vavulmala Hill.

The height is located inside the Western Ghats of Chikmagalur. This hill derives its call from the tomb of Saint Mukappa Swamy, which is positioned at the height of the hill. It’s miles stated that the saint is used to meditate inside the caves surrounding this hill. A small Shiva temple also can be seen at the summit.

Status above the rest of the Western Ghats, this hill gives an incredible view of all its neighboring levels. With each step you take ahead you’ll best get an increasingly lovely view. 

Unique records of path

Mullayanagiri Trek path

The trek from Sarpadari is a nearly half-day trek. The peak is located at a distance of 3-four km from the place to begin and it can take up to three hours to ascend. The beginning part of the trek is a touch steep, it is vertically willing at an angle of 60 degrees. The course is filled with trees and timber along the path. After some time, the trail starts becoming zig-zag alongside the mountains and the ascent additionally turns increasingly steeper. Then the trail hits a big rock. But you need to pass beforehand by passing via the outlet inside the cliff.

As the trekking has now crossed on for around two hours, you will encounter a Nandi idol that is positioned below a tree. The statue is surrounded by dense shrubs and flowering creepers. And now from right here on, the path will become a touch much less steep. As you stroll forward, you will meet a few deep caves filled with bats and bugs. These caves are truly stunning as you can see multi-colored mineral deposits on their walls. The trail over again starts offevolved ascending from the cave and that is the very last stretch of the height. You can find some other Nandi statues close to the peak. And shortly after this, you’ll see the temple at the height and the tomb.


For descending the trek you will take the same path returned. But you may additionally pass down thru 250 stone steps in the hill, as a way to take you closer to the concrete avenue that joins the Mullayanagiri foothills from Chikmagalur. And from here, you need to discover an experience back to the city.

Or there’s an opportunity way also wherein you have to trek toward Baba Budangiri from Mullayangiri temple. That is a very mild trek of just 10 km from Mullayangiri that passes through ridges, hills, and grasslands.

Mullayanagiri to Baba Budangiri path:

The trail will begin from the back of the Mullayangiri temple. It’s miles a completely steep descent that goes in the direction of the principal street. Shola forests maintain providing you with excellent perspectives that keep you throughout this descent. However, be cautious at some point during monsoon because the complete valley will be covered with mist and the paths will be very slippery.


You can also do an overnight camp on the Mullayanagiri hilltop. However, as this location may be very windy you need to be extra cautious. And there also are no lavatory centers present there. As consistent with experience the exceptional time to trek to this area could be after monsoon specifically from September to February.

Don’t worry there is no water everywhere throughout the trail from Sarpadari to Mullayangiri. So, it is going to be fine with a view to carrying enough water from the bottom. The source of water in this trail is handiest at Manikyadhara. 

After a quick breakfast from your homestay, you’ll go away for the trek with steep mountains. The stunning capabilities full of hilly terrains and inexperienced dense woods offer you all the thrills and excitement for your trek. However, be greater cautious as the narrow passages can get very slippery. 

Things to hold throughout the trek to Mullayangiri 

The torch must be carried by using each person together with extra batteries

Comfy shoes with accurate grip are a must

Water bottle

A backpack that can bring all of your necessities.


Strength bar or candies, or some Snacks, etc.

The primary remedy may be very vital 

Sweater or Jackets

A few more pairs of clothes because you in no way know when you’ll want them.

Track pants and cotton T-shirts are suitable for trekking.

Some pain relief sprays and also Dettol solution avoid leeches.

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