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While digital cameras give people the tools they need to take some of the most stunning photos they’ve ever taken, in many cases even the best camera can’t give you the perfect shot. This is where digital photography software comes in.

Here are some of the most popular find photo organizing software for photographers all currently available and how to use them.

Customization of graphics/photos

IrfanView : If you want to modify your graphics, crop and cut out, create sideshows and enhance your photos, IrfanView is the photo editing software for you. The best part is that it’s free and also great for processing groups of photos easily.

image power

This is another free software program that includes painting and editing tools. It also has an image editor and allows you to transfer images from scanners and digital cameras. It is best for printing, mailing and editing your photos. The software tends to be quite complicated, but the end result is fantastic.

Kodak EasyShare Freeware

Easy-to-use software that’s great for newbies ; With it, digital photos can be shared, modified and even printed.


This is a freeware from Google that allows you to edit and even share any photos stored on your computer. The great thing about this (and most) digital photo editing software is that it instantly organizes all your photos by date, which helps you identify and sort all the images.

Picasa lets you drag and drop photos to create albums and label each album. In addition, Picasa offers the option to share your images directly through Picasa or through your own blogs and emails.

ADG panorama version 5.0

Like all previous software, Panorama lets you edit and share your photos quickly and easily. In addition to the standard photo editing features, Panorama has added features that allow you to embed, edit, and publish 360-degree panoramic photos to the web.

picture shark

This is free software that includes a feature for adding visible text or logos to your digital photos – also known as inscribing – it can even allow you to create real watermarks on your photos.

These are some of the most popular digital imaging software packages available online – but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. As you pursue your hobby (or career) in digital photography, you’ll learn how to easily manipulate your photos. So don’t be afraid to be creative and take risks. Mistakes can always be undone.

Photo Management Software – Organize your memories

Photographs are wonderful things. The ability to relive old memories at any time creates a delightful sense of nostalgia as you journey back to the happy moments captured on film. Everyone fondly (and sometimes not so much!) remembers his or her grandmother, aunt or mother who put out the family photo album to show and remember captured moments. Organizing these photos was a tedious process that meant collecting images from specific times, places, or family members and compiling them into dozens of different albums.

With the takeover of digital media and the fact that our photos now live more on our hard drives and mobile devices than in physical form, spending hours organizing photo albums is no longer necessary. However, moving everything to the computer comes with its own problems.

Organizing your digital photos can be a little more complicated than it first appears. The sheer number of folders of photos can easily get out of hand, with dozens of them cluttering up your hard drive in a disorganized manner . Accidentally deleting photos is the worst feeling, and it’s so easy when they’re stored digitally.

The simplest solution is to find and use the right photo management software that collects, labels, and keeps your digital memories safe. Imagine having a series of photo albums on your computer, but all in one place and all extremely easy to navigate. There are many programs that can organize your pictures , so choose something that has the features you want to make sorting and grouping your photos easy and fun.

  • Using folders has to be one of the most important features of any find photo organizing software all. You can create folders for your photos in the software and organize them by event, person or location.
  • Date features can automatically group sets of images by when they were taken, making it easier for you to tag and revisit specific events.
  • Face recognition is a new technology that is gaining popularity in photo management software. You can automatically tag familiar faces from within the program, and it’s never been easier for you to quickly pull up all the photos you have of a specific person.
  • Social network integration is another feature that software is starting to include. If you love uploading your pictures to Facebook for friends and family , the photo management software that allows you to put pictures into the program can make organizing and sharing your pictures a lot easier.
  • Location features on certain mobile devices add a signature to each image that allows your software to identify where each photo was taken. This feature allows you to view images by location.

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