Your Ultimate Guide to Chai Teas

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Are you looking for some amazing chai tea recipes?

Let me begin by sharing this one fact with you that chai and tea means the same thing. Chai is the Hindi word for tea and you will find that the entire Indian population calls it by the former name.

Besides this, chai is a drink that is prepared across the entire Indian nation and loved by the majority of the population. In addition to this, although the recipe for chai is the same across the entire globe, yet you will find multiple variations of the same.

We will first discuss the most common recipe for best chai tea ever followed by a variety of chai that you can find alongside.

Masala Chai Tea

To make the perfect cup of chai tea spicy, you need to combine a certain ingredients which are as follows:

Combine 500ml of Cows Milk or Oat or Coconut Milk, whichever works best for you with 4-6 peppercorns, 8-10 cardamom pods, 4 cloves, 2  star anise, half an inch of cinnamon stick, a thumb of fresh ginger, ground nutmeg, 3 x black tea bags (open up) and a teaspoon of brown sugar in a pan. Bring this concoction to a boil and sieve into a cup. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on it and serve hot.

The good part about this recipe is that you can adjust the spices according to your taste and needs. You can even omit a spice if you do not like the taste or aroma of it.

Other Variants of Masala Tea

You can prepare this tea with the help of Chai Tea Loose Leaf also. In addition to that, you can make multiple variants from this one single recipe by experimenting with the flavours that go in it. And here are the few of the variants that I happen to like:

1. Rose Flavoured Masala Tea

Rose flavoured masala tea can be made with the help of either dried up rose petals. The only condition is that the roses should be organically grown so there is flavour and fragrance in the petals that can be boiled into the tea.

2. Chocolate Flavoured Masala Tea

You can overpower the flavour of the masala tea by using chocolate. You can simply make masala tea and then either add chocolate cube or cocoa powder in the tea. You can even experiment with the dark or milk chocolate to balance the taste according to your imagination.

3. Kesar Flavoured Tea

Reduce some of the powerful spices from the tea and add kesar instead. It will give your tea a rich flavour, exotic fragrance and a beautiful colour. You can prepare this tea in the super cold winters as kesar or saffron will help your body stay warm.

4. Almond Milk Masala Tea

You can replace your regular cow milk with almond milk to make it healthier. It will also alter its taste and offer you a unique nuttiness in every sip.

5. Ginger Masala Tea

Also known as Adrak Wali Chai, Ginger Masala Tea is nothing special but a concoction of milk, sugar, tea and ginger. You need to remove all the other spices to let ginger be the king of the cup and your taste buds at the same time.


Masala Chai Tea is a great fusion of multiple spices that gives the drink an outstanding flavour, taste and richness. Those who drink this tea once in their life crave for its flavour every time a cold breeze blows through their hair.

So, if you are looking for the right recipe for your masala chai and did not find it in this article, then trust me it is in your heart. Just edit the ingredients that go into it and you will eventually find your flavour.

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